What we do - FAQ's  & Terms of business 


See below for some frequently asked questions (FAQ) which we often get asked by customers. Also, some clarifications on how our services work. Prior to purchasing a kitchen from us, please make youself familiar with these points. 

When can I get my kitchen?


Generally, we require between 14-21 working days from date of deposit to assemble and prepare your cabinets. Then, from date of installation, we need 4-7 working days to taylor build your bench top. 

On-site visit or email

14-21 working days

4 working days*

installation (1 day)

Bench top installation (Half day)


Deposit Paid

Quote Accepted

Quote delivered


2nd Payment

10% final payment & Kitchen Complete

*7 days for stone

What do I need to do prior to the installation?


Please have the following ready:

  • Disconnect all plumbing and electrics (Plumber and electrician required to disconnect and reconnect)

  • Demolish the old kitchen (if you haven't chosen us to do it for you)

    • After the demolish, sometimes you will need a plasterer and/or painter to touch up the walls. This is not included in the cost of demolish.

  • Have a detailed plan ready (unless we made a plan for you)

  • Sink and oven/hob must be purchased and be ready on the day of cabinetry installation. This is so that we can measure the size for the bench top cutouts. 

  • Make sure someone will be at the property or the key is left in a agreed location

  • Choose bench top colour here

  • Choose handles here

What are your payment terms?


We run with very low margins, therefore upfront payments are required. Depending on the order, one of two payment options will be offered:


Option 1: 

  • 50% to initiate the order

  • 40% a day prior to the installation

  • 10% after the installation


Option 2: 

  • 80% to initiate the order

  • 20% on the day of installation


Our account number is: 38-9016-0862781-00. Please quote your invoice number (if received) and/or your surname.

What's included?


Unless you ask for anything else, we generally include all the following:

  • All cabinets as specified

  • Standard Handles

  • Soft close hinges on doors

  • Soft close hinges on drawers (extra cost for flat-pack)

  • Level legs

  • Cabinet assembly, delivery & installation

  • Bench top as specified

  • Bench top delivery & installation

Are any appliances/installation included?


Unless otherwise stated/agreed, then no, no appliances are included. 


By default, we will not supply: Dishwasher, rangehood, insinkerator, hob, oven etc. 


By default, we also do not instal any of these appliances. 

​Will you purchase a sink for me?


We've found most suppliers have a standard policy that warranty transfers are not permitted. However, we are happy to buy a standard sink on your behalf, but if you want anything more special, please supply it and have it ready on the day of installation. 

​What warranty do you offer?


We offer full 3 year manufacturers warranty on our MDF cabinets (Silver, Gold and Platinum), and 2 years on our flat pack series. Rest assured, your cabinets should last you much, much longer than this! We offer 3 years warranty on our hinges. Our supplier of Formica bench tops offers 30 days warranty. Stone bench tops have 1 year warranty. Warranty is not transferrable. 

​Will you compensate me for any delays?


We will try our utmost to make everything go according to plan, but building & installing a kitchen is actually pretty complex - a lot of things have to come together seamlessly. Most of the time this works out nicely, but unfortunately sometimes unforseen issues arise. Unfortunately we can take no liability nor offer any compensation for delays (e.g. for lost rent). You can rest assured we will do everything in our power to make things right and finish on time! 

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