Kitchen Design - The triangle rule

When you're designing a kitchen, then apart from the obvious like getting your appliances sorted, you need to remember about the triangle rule.

The triangle rule

Firstly, the triangle rule is more like a guideline as opposed to a strict rule you must obey. But it's a guideline which has been in place for years and has been proven to work. Some things it will help with:

  • Increase the functionality and usability of kitchens

  • Helps when designing the kithen and puts usability in focus

  • May reduce the "mileage" you do in your kitchen, by designing some appliances to be more conveniently located.

The stove, sink and fridge are the 3 components of the triangle rule, and it suggests that you must be able to access all 3 easily and conveniently (3 meters between the 3 is generally great!).

Imagine you're in the middle of making the bolognese and want some more tomatoes. If you're close to the fridge, this becomes easy! After taking out the tomatoes, you want to give them a rinse. Easy! You're close to the sink too! All 3 kitchen essentials are conveniently located in a triangle working area.

Here are some examples of how the Triangle Rule applies in:

  • G-Shaped Kitchens

  • U-Shaped Kitchens

  • Gallery Kitchens

  • Single Wall Kitchens

  • L-Shaped Kitchens

  • Kitchens with Islands

* You may be wondering where the triangle is in the "Single wall Kitchen" - Well, it's flattened out and we recommend no more than 3 meters beween each appliance.

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